California HOA Statistics (From Levy, Erlanger & Company – 2009)

As of the beginning of 2009, there were 47,082 HOA’s in California representing over 4.8 million homes.  The average size HOA was 103 homes.  The average age (estimated) of these HOA’s is now 17 years young with well over ½ (or 26,400) being over 21 years old.

The average annual revenues (estimated) for these 47,082 HOA’s is $204,000; the aggregate annual revenues are $9.9 billion.

Of the total number of California HOA’s, over 22,360 were condominiums; 3,599 were condo conversions; 13,056 are Planned unit developments (single-family); 609 are Cooperatives; 190 HOA’s are Timeshare developments; and 7,268 are “Unclassified” – whatever that means.

Most of the HOA’s in California are located in Southern California; only 15,413 are in the 45 counties that comprise Northern California.  Southern California, with its 13 counties, contains over 31,669 HOA’s. Of these the bulk are located in Los Angeles County numbering 14,499; there are 4,554 HOA’s in Orange County and 6,389 in San Diego County.

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