CSLB-Sponsored Workers’ Comp Enforcement Law among those Taking Effect in 2011

Beginning January 1, 2011, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) will be able to issue a “stop work” order to any licensed or unlicensed contractor who fails to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage for his or her employees a valuable tool for combating the underground economy. The new law will give CSLB unprecedented authority, enabling CSLB enforcement representatives to more effectively stop unlicensed, uninsured activity, and aid in the state’s efforts to assure a level playing field for licensees who follow workers’ compensation laws.

Other topics in the Fall issue of California Licensed Contractor Newsletter include:

  • Message From the Board Chair
  • Licensees Can Pay for Renewal, Reactivation by Credit Card
  • California’s New Green Building Codes Lead the Nation in the New Year
  • California Apprentices to be Trained in Cutting Edge Green Construction Technology
  • Senior Home Remodel Certification Creates New Construction Opportunities
  • Kick-Backs Can Cost You
  • License Fees to Increase July 2011
  • Excavating? Call 811 Before You Begin
  • New Workers’ Compensation Posting Requirement in Effect
  • CSLB-Sponsored Workers’ Comp Enforcement Law among those Taking Effect in 2011
  • Scourge of Underground Economy Strengthens Industry Partnerships, Resolve
  • CSLB Information Sources Expand
  • Upcoming Cal/OSHA Rules Affecting Licensees
  • Cal/OSHA Cools Down Heat Regulations
  • Zero-Tolerance for Uncertified Electricians

To Read the Fall CSLB Newsletter click here:  http://www.cslb.ca.gov/Resources/Newsletters/ContractorNewsletter2010Fall.pdf

2 thoughts on “CSLB-Sponsored Workers’ Comp Enforcement Law among those Taking Effect in 2011

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