Community Risk: HOA Funny Bone

Whose Rats are They?
by George Van Oosbree

ProTec was asked by an HOA to go into the attics of their townhome/condo project and fill all the holes in the attic walls following a cable company who had just ran new wire and made a number of new openings to the outsides of the buildings.  We completed the job without any problems.  Then, one late afternoon I received a call from a woman who was flustered and agitated.  She said that their community hadn’t had rats until we showed up.  Not knowing exactly what to say I asked the woman if she could hold the line.  I put the phone down and thought about it for a minute.  A few minutes later, not quite knowing what to say and seeing that she was still on the line, I picked the phone back up and said to her, “Mam, I just checked and all of our rats are accounted for”.  She said fine and thanked me and hung up quite contentedly.

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