ProTrac: Digital Maintenance Tracking

Everyone knows you need to change the oil in your car to protect the engine.  Failing to do so will void the new car warranty.  Everyone knows you need to change the oil at regular intervals.  Most of us know that the “regular interval” is decided by the car manufacturer and the information can be found in the Owner’s Manual.  The challenge comes in remembering WHEN it needs to be changed, writing down WHEN it gets changed, and then remembering WHEN it needs to be changed next.

All buildings have “systems” that need regular maintenance just like the engine in your car.  At one end of the scale, the smallest studio apartment will have a heater and hot water system at the very least.  At the other end, a highrise residential building will have common heating and air conditioning systems, common hot water systems, elevators, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, etc.  The common thread that joins the smallest condo to the largest building is the need for preventive maintenance on all equipment and systems.  And just like changing the oil in your car, one of the challenges is how to schedule and track the required maintenance.

ProTec Building Services uses industry-standard maintenance practices and, whenever available, the community-specific Maintenance Manual, to determine the frequency of inspections and preventive maintenance routines that we suggest to the communities we serve.  This information has historically been tracked on paper and sometimes with the help of a computer and spreadsheet software.  With the help of some of the major computer hardware and software providers in the building and maintenance industry, we have developed a system that utilizes a handheld computer with integrated camera, wireless Internet connectivity and software modified for each building and common area condition, to manage and track all of the required maintenance for any community, big or small.  Reports that show the current status of required inspections, and the status of any issues discovered during these inspections, are available on-line with only a few clicks of the mouse, within 24 hours of the time the information is uploaded and synchronized in the web-based data storage system.

Once the program information is modified to be Community or building-specific, following the requirements and recommendations from the Community Maintenance Manual, local government authorities and equipment manufacturers, scheduled inspections can begin.  The software prompts the inspector based on the correct repeating frequency (anything from Daily up to every 5-years), the inspection is performed and the observations are recorded directly on the handheld computer, including a photograph when necessary.  Scheduled maintenance or corrective work can be assigned to the proper vendor on the spot, and the software has the ability to send a notification e-mail to the Property Manager and the vendor.  The software also generates a variety of on-line reports, showing anything from a simple list of completed inspections to a list of open corrective work orders by vendor.

Contact George VanOosbree at or call ProTec at 800-557-2217, to schedule a demonstration.

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