FLIR, “Forward Looking Infrared” technology coming to a Community near you soon

By George Van Oosbree

FlirOriginally designed for use in Night Vision for Military and Law Enforcement, FLIR is now being applied to the Maintenance of Homeowners Associations.

Thermal Imaging (FLIR) has the ability to detect the heat signatures of objects and contrast them against their surroundings. For instance, cold water from a leak against a warmer wall or vice versa.  Similarly, heat or cooling loss from ducting or wall penetrations can be easily spotted. Electrical breakers that are over-heating due to overloading or aging can be detected prior to failure. 

ProTec will be implementing the use of FLIR Thermal Imaging at all of our current Monthly Maintenance Accounts at no additional cost. This process will make our job maintaining our Communities easier and more cost effective by allowing us to locate problems much faster thus reducing the investigation time and eliminating the need for destructive testing.

As an example, a recent Thermal Imaging inspection was conducted on the Electrical Load Centers (Breaker Boxes) for a high-rise. One very hot breaker was found and identified as controlling the Mail Room lighting. Lights had recently been added to this room and no additional circuit was installed. The overloaded circuit was able to be repaired prior to it causing any serious damage.

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