Annual Inspections of Association Assets

By Paul Mayeski

If your Community is less than ten years old, there is a good chance that your Governing Documents require an inspection of all Association assets at one-year or three-year intervals.  The purpose of the inspection is to find out if the Association Property is being maintained at a level sufficient enough to allow the assets to reach or exceed the “useful life” as determined by the Department of Real Estate (DRE) or your Reserve Analyst. 

Corrosion on metal surfaces, dryrot on wood surfaces, and excessive irrigation water on stucco or concrete surfaces can shorten the useful life of these components.  If allowed to continue, these conditions will slowly eat away at the base material, making the metal, wood or stucco unfit for use.  Replacement or major repair costs are the result, draining your reserve dollars earlier than anticipated.  Timely inspections can catch these problems when they are small.  Quick remedial action by the Board of Directors can save the Association money in the long run.

The inspection can also discover potential safety issues before they become a liability.  Tree roots can lift sidewalks, causing trip hazards.  Over-watering can allow algae to collect, making sidewalks slippery.  Pool fences and gates that are damaged or non-functional can allow unsupervised children into the pool area.  Light fixtures that are damaged or hidden by excessive plant growth can cause dark areas, potentially leading to trip-and-fall opportunities, or worse yet, vandalism or criminal activity.

ProTec uses a proprietary database program to handle the inspection photographs and findings, so we have the ability to provide you with specialized reports if our standard report features do not suit your needs.  We can provide a proposal for your Annual Inspections within 48 hours, and most inspections and reports are completed within 30 days of acceptance.

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