The New California Energy Future

The excuses are always the same:  maintenance shut down the refinery; high per-barrel oil cost increases; speculators.  Whatever the excuse is, it really doesn’t matter.  We Californians are getting hosed — literally. 

North Dakota just became the second largest oil producing state in the country.  In the not too distant past California was the second largest oil producer.  Someone needs to organize a “coalition of the unwilling”.  A group of brave (fed-up) Californians needs to start a grass-roots coalition to get California to begin drilling and exporting oil and other energy again.  We need to supplant the environmental extremists who use the excuse of gas and oil drilling to keep driving up the cost of energy which is allowing them to win the battle of getting people and businesses to move out of California.   Click on this interactive map to see what all of us Californians know only too well.

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