ProTec Manuals now come with FREE Android Tablet

ProTec Manuals now come with FREE Tablet Computer

We are pleased to announce that in addition to our normal final delivery package, our standard Maintenance Manuals now come with an android tablet, pre-loaded with the pdf (Portable Document File) files found on the CD.  You now get a new android tablet, two (2) printed Maintenance Manuals and two (2) Compact Discs (CDs).  Our client can be either a home builder for new construction, or a Homeowners Association for an existing Community.

This will provide mobile access to the information contained in the Maintenance Manual and allow the end-user to make field notes (handwritten or text) directly on the Maintenance Manual pages using the tools available within the Adobe Reader program.

Also pre-loaded on the tablet will be the Operation and Maintenance Manuals (“Manufactured Product Information”, or “O&M Manuals”) for all of the Association Property.

During our site visits and research for each Manual, we locate the O&M Manuals and include those manuals as digital files with each Maintenance Manual we produce, at no additional charge.  Other Maintenance Manual companies charge up to $750 extra to provide this information.  We pre-load these manuals on the tablet along with the Maintenance Manual, so that the end-user has mobile access to the actual maintenance information provided by the product manufacturers.  This will eliminate guessing and confusion when discussing actual preventive maintenance needs.

ProTec’s Maintenance Manuals are backed by our 21 years of HOA maintenance experience.  No other Maintenance Manual company provides maintenance services, so no other company benefits from the knowledge acquired during the performance of actual hands-on maintenance work.  If you have any questions on this new enhancement to our industry-leading Maintenance Manuals, please call or e-mail us, or visit our website at

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