Helium Gas Shortage

helium-bigNormally my daughters and wife are fairly normal people.  That is until one of them has a birthday.  Then, after the cake is cut, pandemonium soon follows as each of my girls and wife take turns cutting open the birthday balloons, inhaling the helium and then talking like an Oompa-loompa from Charlie’s Chocolate factory. Well, the fun is almost over for my poor family because the supply of Helium is in danger.  I actually read about this and couldn’t believe it.  But it appears that the US Federal Government controls and manages the helium supply almost half of which is stored outside Amarillo, Texas, in the country’s Federal Helium Reserve.  Why the shortage?  Same reason that medical services are soon to be rationed under Obamacare – the Feds are the managers and they’ve messed with the law of supply and demand.  For a real good belly laugh click the link below.


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