Government Regulations Increase Costs, Especially Housing Costs


Homes in San Diego California are twice as expensive as in other states because of government regulations, a recent study concluded by Fermanian Business & Economic Institute at Point Loma Nazarene University. The study explains why San Diego is in its 10th year of distributing well under 12,000 building permits, which is the San Diego Region’s annual housing need.  Unfortunately this is old news. In 1996 another study called, “The Smith Family House”, illustrated that a $400,000 house built in Carlsbad California (North SD County) had $190,000 of government regulations built into it. It’s sad to realize that Californian’s really don’t seem to want affordable housing; they just want to have even more government control in housing through “inclusionary housing mandates”.

View Report on Government Regulations Effect on Housing.

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