Interview with David Norvell, Director of Community Relations, Pardee Homes

Can you imagine having served on more than 800 HOA Boards or having attended over 30,000 HOA meetings? Well Dave Norvell can.  As a seasoned vet of the HOA and Building industries, Dave brings us a unique perspective from having worked in both industries.  ProTec sat down with Dave to discuss best practices and discover his funniest board meeting out of 30,000!

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El Nino or Arkstorm, What’s the Difference?


There is talk in the meteorological community about the possibility of a 100-year storm event hitting California and the West Coast.  The last time that happened was in 1862 when the Great Flood of 1862 hit California, Oregon and Washington causing millions in property damage and many deaths. What is the cause of this talk? Continue reading

Reclaimed Water Restrictions


Did you know using reclaimed water for irrigation comes with some restrictions.  Reclaimed or recycled water is former wastewater (sewage) that is treated to remove solids and impurities. It has been widely used as a tool to keep landscaping irrigated in drought ridden states. However, due to the intense process involved in removing impurities, human contact should be avoided.

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