A Tornado-Proof Concrete House Exists: Someone Please Tell Oklahoma!

tornadoNow is the time to look beyond concrete disaster shelters and go for the whole enchilada, the concrete house.  Not only has Moore, Oklahoma received 7 deadly tornado direct hits, but the state of Oklahoma is disaster central.  No other state gets hit with as many tornadoes and floods. Continue reading

Beyond Timers and Photocells: Wireless Lighting Control is Here

wirelessMost managers, HOA’s and buildings use either time clocks or photocells to turn their parking lot lights, landscape lights, signage and other outdoor lights on and off.  While time clocks and photocells are better than a plain switch, they are 1970’s technology. A new company called “Wireless Telematics” Continue reading

Arbitration Decision Coming Soon

Pinnacle Museum Tower

On Tuesday, May 29, 2012, the California Supreme Court heard arguments from both sides in Pinnacle Museum Tower Association v. Pinnacle Market Development, in which the Court will decide whether a homeowners association is bound by an arbitration provision contained in its declaration of restrictions (“CC&Rs”). Continue reading